meat free for 5 months!!!

Leonardo DeCaprio can snort cocaine on my ass anytime


Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested

I am so happy. I really love life.

Anonymous asked:
Hey I just want you to know you're beautiful and you have a lot to be happy about. Please answer this with something that makes you happy/something you like about yourself. Even if it's a small thing. I know there are good things about you and you need to know that too.

Aw thank you!!!!! I do like that I can be the more grown up and responsible in certain times. 

Michael Cinco
Anonymous asked:
Eh guess what you're a piece of flubb lying whore lmao you'll do literally anything for attention won't you that's hilarious and pathetic I'm sorry for anyone who has ever listened to your attention seeking lies and believed them jfc

Just because I talk to people doesn’t mean I want attention… But whatever, you’ll say whatever you want to sound better than me so im not too worried about it anymore, havbt been for the past week, why should I start now? I know what part you say are rumors and what are true. This doesn’t even matter in the long run so give it up. I have.


How about…go fuck yourself

I guess im starting rumors and i was beaten and raped by my parents????? Some people really need to know the facts before they believe others. You can think what you will but you’re wrong. You talked shit. You disrespected me. You disrespected everyone. I’m not the only one at fault. Yeah, I made a lot of mistakes but you, you made them too. You’re not the victim. No one is. And how pathetic to actually believe every lie that was told to you. Yes, my dad is totally going to help me beat you up. Rumors arent something to listen to. You made my life miserable. You made me the worst. You are not perfect as you think you are. Stop talking about me because i haven’t talked about you since i decided to take the road of freedom without you. I have people that hear what you say and how you lie about me. You brought up old shit that wasn’t my fault. You are a coward. You are at fault. 

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Fuck you :*.